2021 Sea Grant Food from the Sea Projects

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Eleven projects representing regions across the U.S. were selected through the funding opportunity.

In September, the NOAA National Sea Grant College Program and Office of Sustainable Fisheries awarded approximately $900,000 of FY21 federal funds to support projects that will initiate “Food from the Sea” career development programs.

The funding will allow Sea Grant programs and partners to work collaboratively with members of the fishing industry to identify training needs and develop updated and/or new resources and programming to address those needs.

Projects range in size, scope, and design that are as diverse as the localized needs they aim to address. Each selected proposal received meritorious review through a competitive selection process.

The full descriptions of selected projects is available online at seagrant.noaa.gov.

These efforts will also allow Sea Grant Programs, industries, and communities to plan for potential upcoming opportunities associated with the Young Fishermen’s Development Act (YFDA).

YDFA is a relatively new program that provide trainings, education, outreach, and technical assistance to the U.S. seafood sector.

source: NOAA National Sea Grant College Program

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