Seafood Panini Sandwiches

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Panini sandwiches are popular in the USA and worldwide. They are simple to make, delicious, and can be part of a healthy meal. Panini sandwiches often include fish and other seafood as ingredients.

The term ‘panino’ refers to an Italian sandwich (the plural of panino is ‘panini’ which is often used to refer to a single sandwich or panino).

The difference between a panini and regular sandwiches, is that it is grilled with ridges, and the sandwich ingredients melt or fuse together, giving a delicious flavor to any combination of foods.

Panini are cooked on a special ridged grill which compresses the sandwich and sears both sides at once. For homeowners that prefer not to buy a specialized grill, there are simpler ridged skillets available.

Sandwiches can be grilled in a ridged skillet by adding laying a small plate and a weight on top of the sandwich, then flipping an repeating the process.

Basic panino sandwich ingredients:

* thinly sliced meats
* bread
* tomatoes
* mozzarella cheese
* olive oil
* spices
* condiments

American versions of the sandwich often include local influences as cooks seek new variations of this classic food. Vegetable ingredients may include tomato, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, peppers, spinach or other local additions.

While original panini sandwiches called for lunchmeats, innovative cooks have begun using anchovies, smoked salmon, tilapia, sole, halibut, and other seafood.

Grilled Wild Salmon Panini

Spread mayo, herb-mayo or a mix of mayo and Dijon mustard inside of two slices of bread before grilling. Place thin sliced grilled wild salmon, Portobello mushrooms, spinach, and red onions on bread and grill.

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