Foil Packed Smoked Salmon

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When choosing smoked salmon, foil packs can be a good value. Foil packs allow producers to offer exceptional quality smoked fish at reasonable prices. Foil packaging is efficient, easy to ship, and does not need refrigeration.

When a package of foil packed smoked salmon arrives, consumers can either use the product right away or simply store it according to the directions.

Before preparing smoked salmon for a meal, the light-colored meat must be separated from the inedible portions. These include the skin and a layer of darker, inedible meat that lies below the skin.

To open a foil pack, cut the end and pour out any broth into a large bowl. After draining, the entire fillet can be laid out on a suitable sized dish or cutting board for final preparation.

Typically, smoked fillets will still have the skin on. Unlike other forms of smoked salmon, fillets that are packed in broth are tender and easy to separate.

Once the fillet is unpackaged and separated from the broth, the skin and any dark meat can be removed. Usually, it is easier to separate the fillet into several pieces and work on them individually. Remove the skin from each piece and separate the meat from the scraps.

After the skin is removed, inspect each section and using a paring knife, carefully trim off any areas of dark meat from the lighter sections.

After separating the fillet, cooks will have three parts: broth, light meat, and scraps. Smoked salmon can be served in many ways. It can be flaked and served simply as-is with crackers or in a salad.

Another delicious way to serve flaked, smoked salmon is in a dip or spread. The meat can also be used as a main ingredient in chowders, quesadillas, omelets, or other dishes. The broth can be added to chowders, soups, or other recipes.

As most packages do not require refrigeration, smoked salmon can be purchased online for use at home or as a gift.

Originally published: September 18, 2011

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