salmon chowder
Fish Chowder

This article provides tips and other information for preparing seafood chowders, stews, bisques, and other dishes.

A variety of names are given to seafood-based soups. Some names are more common in certain regions while others are universal.

Chowder vs. Bisque

Seafood chowders usually contain milk or cream, fish, shellfish, or other seafood, vegetables, and a thickener.

Bisques share some traits with chowder but have a smoother texture. Instead of using bite sized ingredients, bisques are made with minced or pureed bits of seafood and other ingredients. Popular bisques include lobster, shrimp, and other foods.

Stews and Soups

Some seafood soups and stews feature clear or light broths. Always popular are traditional sofrito-based soups with seafood and vegetables. Other dishes are created using seafood, a light broth, vegetables, herbs and spices.

Optional Ingredients

Chowders, bisques, soups, and stews can be enhanced by garnishes and other optional ingredients. Common garnishes include chopped herbs, especially parsley, cilantro, fennel, chives, basil, dill, and others. Specialty crackers or breads are sometimes served alongside or sprinkled onto dishes.

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