Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Certification

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Seven Nova Scotian seafood companies are hoping to gain a competitive edge by certifying products under a new Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program. More businesses are expected to participate in the program.

The Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program (NSSQP) is set of quality standards that meet or exceed the very best globally recognized standards around seafood quality, sustainability, and traceability for each of the brand species.

Launched in Summer 2021, the NSSQP was developed to promote high quality standards within the Nova Scotia seafood supply chain and to enhance Nova Scotia Seafood’s international reputation for premium quality seafood.

Unlike specific global food safety or certification schemes, the NSSQP is a comprehensive scheme that combines elements of food safety, seafood quality, sustainability, and traceability into one comprehensive certification.

For some species, it is the only certification scheme which explicitly incorporates product sampling, product inspection, and evaluation as a central requirement under the certification.

Certified companies are recognized as Nova Scotia Seafood Ambassadors and receive many promotional benefits. Certified companies gain access to the Nova Scotia seafood brand marketing materials and trademarked logo for use in their own marketing, become recommended suppliers on the Province’s seafood marketing website and can be included in strategic marketing promotions throughout the year.

The seven companies that have received certification so far are:

  • North Bay Fisherman’s Cooperative
  • NovaCan Live Seafood
  • Premium Seafoods Group
  • Lobsters R Us
  • Bill & Stanley Oyster Company
  • Live Stor Sydney – Live Seafood Storage System
  • Fisherman’s Premium Atlantic Lobster

Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program Highlights:

  • Nova Scotia ships premium species such as lobster, shrimp, snow crab, oysters, and more to nearly 80 countries
  • the certification is linked to individual companies listed in the Nova Scotia export directory, viewed by buyers around the world
  • the Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program began in July 2021
  • certifications were developed by Nova Scotia Seafood, in partnership with Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc. and Université Sainte-Anne
  • more than 25 industry members were consulted on the development of the standards

sources: Province of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program

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