Dutch Harbor, Alaska
Dutch Harbor, Alaska | Credit: USCG

Alaska is a major supplier of seafood, including king crabs, snow crabs, salmon, cod, halibut, and other delicacies.

Alaska ports rank among the highest in the USA in both volume and value of annual seafood catches. Top Alaskan ports include Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, Naknek-King Salmon, Seward, and Cordova.


Alaska is known for its high quality salmon. The flavor of Alaska salmon depends upon fat content and the environment in which it matured. Wild Alaska salmon include sockeye or red, Chinook (king), Coho (silver), Keta, and pink salmon.


Alaska pollock, halibut, sole, cod, and black cod are grouped as whitefish. These fish have flaky white flesh that is generally mild in flavor, with the exception of black cod.


Alaskan crabs include king, snow, Dungeness, and others. Alaska crabs are available pre-cooked, frozen, and ready to heat and serve.

King crabs are the largest of all the crabs caught in the world, weighing up to 10 pounds. Three species of king crab are landed in Alaska; red king crab, blue king crab, and golden king crab.

Snow crabs are another delicious crab from Alaska. Snow crab is a market term for both “tanner” and “opilio” crabs.

Dungeness crabs, known for their high quality meat, are steamed and served whole.

Alaska’s Bering Sea – Aleutian Islands crab fisheries are well known, due in part to the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch television series.


Alaska scallops are among the largest in the world. These highly prized shellfish have a sweet flavor and firm texture.

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