oysters on the halfshell
Oysters on the Half Shell


Oysters are delicious and easy to open if you have the right tools and understand the process. When shucking, it is important to use an oyster knife and protective gloves.

Step 1. Hold the oyster firmly in one hand and knife in the other. Slip the knife blade between the top and bottom shell by the hinge on back.

Step 2. Holding the oyster and knife together, tap the knife handle down onto a hard surface. This will slip the blade in between the shells. Run the knife the way around the oyster until you get to the other side.

Step 3. Using a twisting motion, pry the top and bottom shells apart. Hold the oyster level in order to not lose any of the liquor inside.

Step 4. Cut the oyster free from the shell by gently pushing the blade further into the oyster and move it back and forth so as to sever the adductor muscle. Be sure to keep the blade pressed up against the inner top surface of the upper oyster shell to avoid cutting the oyster meat itself. When muscle has been severed, the top shell will “give” a little.

Step 5. move the knife blade underneath the oyster meat and cut the adductor muscle where it is attached to the bottom shell.

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