spot pan fish
Norfolk Spot


Panfish such as Norfolk spot, croakers, pompano, pigfish, grunts, and others can be cleaned bone-in.

The following tutorial provides step by step descriptions of how to clean small fish for the table.

how to scale a fish

Scale the fish using a scaler or a typical knife; rinse the fish and working surface after scaling.

how to clean panfish

Using a sharp knife, carefully slice off the tail and begin slicing the dorsal fins from back to front.

cleaning fish
Continue cutting the dorsal fin.

anal fin

Next, remove the anal fin and cut around the vent.

gutting fish

Carefully slice from the vent to the head to open the body cavity.

head and gut fish

Remove the head and pectoral fins.


Remove the entrails and stomach lining.

Rinse the fish and store on ice immediately.


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