fresh shrimp
Fresh Shrimp

Availability of high quality fresh seafood fluctuates, so seafood buyers often need to freeze extra items for later use.

Freezing your fresh catch or purchase can be a great way to ensure a high quality meal weeks or months later. Freezing methods vary, but a few simple practices can greatly improve the quality of frozen seafood.

Storage Bags

Using zipper type freezer bags is the simplest method for freezing seafood. Most seafood can be handled in the same manner. Simply cut the items into serving size pieces if needed, rinse and bag. Add a small amount of water to help purge the air from the bag.

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bagging is one of the best methods of freezing foods. A variety of products all work basically the same way. Items are bagged, and a vacuum is applied to remove the air. The bag is then sealed which protects the product much better than simply placing it in a standard freezer bag.

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