The longfin or loligo squid is one of the most popular squids. Longfin squid are pink to orange, mottled with brown or purple. Their fins measure around 1/2 the length of the mantle.

Longfin squid reach mantle lengths of about 1.6 feet, although most are less than 1 foot. They are short lived with most specimens only living about 9 months.

The species is found in great numbers in the northwest Atlantic Ocean. In Northern waters, squid migrate offshore during late autumn to spend the winter in warmer waters along the shelf edge and slope. They return inshore during the spring where they remain until late autumn.

Squid are prepared as calamari, a popular seafood dish in Greek, Italian, oriental, and other cuisines. Calamari is a simple dish, consisting of batter coated, deep fried strips or rings of squid mantle.

Calamari is often served as an appetizer. It is usually served with a dips such as astzatziki, Marinara sauce, ketchup, aioli, or olive oil. Calamari can also be garnished with lemon, cheese, or other foods.

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