This page lists associations and organizations that promote USA seafood.

Alaska Shellfish Growers Association

The Alaska Shellfish Growers Association (ASGA) is a private nonprofit organization representing shellfish farmers and those interested in developing shellfish aquaculture in Alaska.

Chesapeake Bay Seafood Industries Association

The Chesapeake Bay Seafood Industries Association (CBSIA) is a nonprofit trade association formed to represent the seafood processing industry in Maryland.

Gulf Seafood Institute

The Gulf Seafood Institute’s mission is to protect the Gulf’s unique culture while elevating the Gulf Seafood brand with consumers, customers and policy leaders through advocacy, education, and science.

Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board

The Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board supports the state’s commercial fishing industry.

National Fisheries Institute

The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) is the nation’s leading advocacy organization for the seafood industry, with member companies representing the industry from fishing vessels at sea to national seafood restaurant chains.

Southeastern Fisheries Association

Southeastern Fisheries Association (SFA) is a nonprofit fisheries trade association composed of companies, individual fishermen, and workers employed within or supportive of the seafood and aquaculture industry at the local, state, national, and international level.