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Smoked Fish Dip

an excellent appetizer or lunch item...
2924 Not Rated

Seafood Gumbo

Lousiana style Seafood Gumbo...
1621 Not Rated

Shrimp & Butter Dip

a simple and delicious shrimp dip recipe...
1345 Not Rated

Shrimp Casserole

an easy 30 minute shrimp casserole...
1432 Not Rated

Shrimp and Rice Casserole

A Louisiana style rice casserole...
1374 Not Rated

Shrimp Creole

A Cajun shrimp creole recipe...
1344 Not Rated

Shrimp Delight

a light and festive shrimp salad...
1403 Not Rated

Shrimp Etoufee

a hardy shrimp recipe...
997 Not Rated

Stir-fried Calamari (Chinese)

Oriental Stir-fried Calamari (squid)...
1524 Not Rated

Shanghai Style Spicy Shrimp

Deep fried shrimp and a special Chinese sauce...
1340 Not Rated

Steamed Shrimp with Garlic & Ginger

A Chinese steamed shrimp recipe...
946 Not Rated

Shrimp Butter

A delicious dip for your party....
1172 Not Rated

Salmon Souffle

a salmon dish...
827 Not Rated

Scallop Rolls

Scallop Rolls make a great dinner treat!...
1274 Not Rated

Shrimp Caribbean

Shrimp Caribbean...
1180 Not Rated

Skimpy Shrimp

Skimpy Shrimp...
1081 Not Rated

Stir-Fried Fish and Peppers

Stir-Fried Fish and Peppers...
937 Not Rated

Sweet-and-Sour Fish

A sweet-and-sour fish...
838 Not Rated

Sea Bass Seviche

an easy seviche recipe using fresh sea bass...
1245 stars40

Smoked Oyster Stew

Smoked Oyster Stew...
1126 Not Rated

Seafood Casserole

Seafood Casserole...
1645 Not Rated

Shrimp Newburg

Shrimp Newburg...
852 Not Rated

Salmon Patties

Salmon Patties...
890 Not Rated

Southern Fish Chowder

a simple fish chowder...
1005 Not Rated

Smoked Fish Chowder

Smoked Fish Chowder...
1016 Not Rated
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