How to Steam Clams
Published: August 29, 2010
Updated: August 29, 2010

steamed quahog clams

In North America, seafood lovers have a wide range of clams available, with clam species varying by region. In the Northeast and Mid Atlantic, there are quahogs, sea clams and soft shelled clams. Pacific coast seafood lovers enjoy geoducks, razor clams and other shellfish.

Smaller clams such as littleneck, topneck and cherrystone quahog clams are often served steamed. To steam clams, wash and inspect each individual. Discard any clams that appear to be dead or have broken shells. Heat a seafood steamer until steam forms.

Clams should be carefully added. Some steamers have a drop in rack which allows quantities of clams to added. For the best flavor and texture, clams should steamed just until they open. Overcooking can result in clams being chewy. Small quahog clams are delicious served with sides of melted butter or brown vinegar.

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