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Do Fish Making Methods Really Make a Difference? A Study Reveals This Way

Published: January 19, 2011
Eating fish elevated in omega-3 essential fatty acids may be related to a reduced risk of stroke. New information suggests it’s not merely how much fish you take in that matters, but exactly how it’s prepared.

SSA Videos Promote Seafood and Health

Published: September 28, 2010
North American nutrition researchers involved with institutions like the US National Institutes of Health, the Universities of Michigan and Illinois, Cornell University in New York and Canada’s Sherbrooke University all believe people should be eating more seafood to derive the benefits of its excellent nutrients, particularly fish oil.

Scientists Call for Higher Seafood Consumption to Improve Health

Published: June 14, 2010
Australian Governments have been urged to boost seafood consumption to improve public health.

Attention Deficit Disorder and Omega 3 Fish Oil- What's The Link?

Published: December 24, 2009
Do you have a family member who has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity? If so, some studies have indicated that a daily dose of Omega 3 fatty acids may be worth investigating as a possible treatment.

Government and Medical Associations Urge Americans to Eat Fish Twice a Week

Published: November 13, 2009
The American Heart Association, American Medical Association, American Diabetes Association and the U. S. Department of Agriculture recommend eating fish at least two times a week.

Health Benefits of Diets High in Omega 3 Fish Oil

Published: June 21, 2009 | Updated: June 21, 2009
Fish oil is an important source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

The Health Benefits of Eating Seafood Twice a Week

Published: April 9, 2009 | Updated: April 9, 2009
Information on the health benefits of Eatiing fish and seafood.

Florida Mullet – a Healthy and Economical Choice

Published: October 25, 2008
Consider Florida mullet as a healthy and inexpensive meal choice.

Information to Mothers-to-be About the Benefits of Eating Seafood

Published: September 15, 2008
A seafood industry spokesman advises doctors to provide more information to mothers-to-be about the benefits of eating seafood for their baby's development.


Published: August 7, 2008
Eat fish or other seafood at least twice a week for optimum health.